A Comment On food technology

A Comment On food technology

Food Technology is in the spotlight now as this division is becoming known. This is because food technology is demonstrated as a truly valuable science, moreover, Indonesia is a country with a good measure of food materials. Food Technology trains students to develop and handle food materials using technology, so they tend to be items with a high usage estimate and a much higher sales estimate. Then again, the food materials will be of great dietary benefit and fit for use. The following are some genuine advantages of food technology work for commercial kitchen design that people can all know about.

Making foods have a longer lag period

Food Technology often, supposes, manufactures food A, manipulated to become food B, which later has a longer finish period. For example, a food with milk as its natural substance that is later handled in such a way and heavily pressed to turn into another item like cheddar and yogurt can go on for quite a while. Another model is milk that is later treated as powdered milk or packaged milk that we know has a longer finish period in case we compare it to milk that has not undergone any treatment. This will make the items can be distributed to different locations, which means more people can consume them.

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Keep food nutrition locked in properly

In addition to prolonging the lifespan of food, food technology also makes it possible for a food to retain its nutrition well despite being handled in such a way. For example, canned fish that have the fish protected and packaged in a successful specific way is not risky to the human body and makes the fish have a diet that is very well maintained.

Eliminate microbes or diseases from food

In addition to the two reasons that have been told, one more advantage of using food technology is to cause the microbes or one more disease that presumably exists in food materials to be annihilated. This is because there is a significant level of heating technology or different innovations that can kill dangerous microorganisms inside the food. For example, handling milk with purification technology or UHT (Ultra High Temperature). This technique is extremely attractive to kill harmful microbes in raw milk so that later it is released from hazardous materials and can also continue for quite a while. Plus, with extraordinary packaging, this dairy item will be significantly larger.