Desserts: One Source To Happiness

Desserts: One Source To Happiness

The best way to happiness is by making your stomach happy. The stomach is happy when one eats food. Food that makes them happy and energetic. Dessert is one thing that everyone loves and drools over. Desserts are stress-busters too. They make one relax and enjoy their time. Desserts not only make your stomach happy, it makes one’s body and soul also happy. Desserts are usually eaten after the main course meal to end with a sweet tongue. The main component of dessert is sugar. Desserts are one thing that no one can resist. Desserts are soul and body pleasers. Food is the best way to relax and chill as it instantly changes mood and gives so much energy boost.

Why are deserts the best?

Desserts have their unique advantages that are mentioned as follows:

  • It enhances one’s mood quickly.
  • It is great for someone who had a bad day.
  • It is yummy and delicious.
  • It gives instant energy.
  • It also helps one to eat fruits as some desserts have fruits in them.

Why should one avoid eating deserts?

Desserts also have several disadvantages some of them are mentioned as follows :

  • Eating sweet items every day can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Desserts have a

             major impact on making teeth worse of constant consumption is there.

  • Desserts are considered to be rich in sugar and high in fats. Consumption of them can

             cause one to have problems related to obesity.

  • Eating desserts can also lead to diabetes as they are rich in sugar content.
  • It also leads to an increase in blood pressure. It can also cause heart disease and


  • It also has impacts on the skin, such as swelling, acne problems.

Desserts are the best way to get instant pleasure. They just soothe the soul of one person. Desserts can easily lighten up the mood. It is usually eaten at last to get instant sweetness from it. Desserts are nice and sugary, but they should be eaten in control. Eating desserts daily can have severe health-related issues. They would impact now as well as later in the future too. As it is correctly said, anything which is done in excess amounts has impacts and consequences same is the case with desserts. They are sweet, but if consumed daily, that is not good for anybody. Deserts are the all-time favorite food irrespective of the time.