The importance of knowing what to give your dogs as treats

The importance of knowing what to give your dogs as treats

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. A very reliable source of energy when you are feeling down or just having a bad day in general. Going home to a fluffy one can surely brighten up your day. In this generation, dogs are not only guarding your homes when you are away. You will see people now spending so much money on making their dogs look great. Others are even making houses and expensive clothes for their dogs. But the simplest form of appreciating your fur baby is by giving them good treats. It is always nice to do this once in a while to build a more stable and healthy relationship with your dog. Below are some great reasons for how and when you should give treats.

How can you be efficient in giving your dog treats?

Some dogs would not stay calm at times. One way of reinforcing this is by giving them treats to put them back in their normal state. Don’t ever give dog treats when they are excited or over hype. Let them smell it first and make sure that this is far away from them and wait. Every dog’s sense of smell can be as far as 25 feet. So no need to place this under their nose. The majority of the time dogs see treats. They would usually jump around or even jump at you. You need to show them that you don’t approve of this kind of attitude. You can do this through your body language or move back to one side and wait. By doing this you are giving your dog time to think about what they need to do for them to get the treat.

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What type of dog treat should be given?

Whenever you decide to buy your dog a treat. Be sure that your dog likes this. When you are buying the treat use the same method when you are buying food for your family. One way of being good at this is by looking at the ingredients included in it. Or you can just visit some stores that provide treats depending on how you like it. There are stores that provide custom food and healthy recipes as dog treats.

Always visit your vet

It is always good to check in with your dog’s vet to get advice or approval on what is appropriate to feed your dog. Treats most of the time will depend on your dog’s size or breed. And what better way to identify this is by checking in with your vet.