Why a person should go for Moka Foods?

Why a person should go for Moka Foods?

In brittle and temperate areas where growth was impossible or chancy through months, food preservation is a matter of survival. Some did this to make food suitable to trade for long distances, for sailors, merchants and soldiers who were travelling. Sometimes it was done to save food’s grace in off-seasons. In some regions specific food could only be enjoyed in preserved form, the reason might be it couldn’t grow nearby.

There were many preservation techniques available as Drying, smoking, salting, pickling and freezing, out of all freezing is best used for preserving the aroma and flavours of the food as equal to freshly prepared food. Freezing at a low temperature slows the oxidation and prevents microbial growth. There is such a platform available in the market which offers superior quality frozen foods, which contains the aroma and taste of the food as similar to the freshly prepared food. A well-known name of the market is Moka foods.

Why go for Moka Foods?

A well-preserved food is that which didn’t lose its delicacy and at Moka foods, they were doing the same, Moka foods have expertise in creating a range of frozen food products from past 30 years. They offer a long range of frozen foods since 1988, created by the passion for crafting exceptional food products. At Moka foods, they use only the finest products and authentic traditional family recipes. At Moka foods, they are offering food prepared by the family’s secret recipes to society.

Moka Foods

Their customers are confident that when they buy from Moka Foods, they are buying superior quality. Moka’s range is stocked by Australia’s leading food distributors and also sell directly to thousands of smaller distributors. In Moka, they have a culture that their customers were not buying from a company instead of buying from a family, Moka family. Moka foods product range consists of frozen foods, like potato cakes and fish portions.

Taste and tradition are maintained at Moka foods, Moka’s speciality is humble potato cakes it starts by acquiring Australian farm fresh potatoes.

From sea

Moka battered flake: Moka’s battered flakes are 100% Australian & New Zealand flake portions, dipped in traditional batter forming superb flavour and crunch.

Moka seafood sticks: Moka’s succulent Surimi seafood sticks are dipped and delicately coated in the traditional batter to ensure the best taste available in the market.

From farm

Moka Dog: Skinless frankfurters made to Moka’s exclusive recipe, contains 75% meat and are naturally smoked under Australian hardwood.

Moka cheese Kransky: Moka’s battered cheese Kransky is evolved version of Moka dog, which doesn’t contain any artificial flavour or colour. The main ingredients of Moka’s cheese Kransky are Australian pork and cheddar cheese, smoked under natural Australian wood.

Moka burger: Each Moka burger consists of a 100 G beef pattie dipped in traditional crispy batter.