Some Critical Aspects in a Commercial Kitchen Design

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When you’re ready to establish your first endeavor in the food and hospitality industry, the first step is to design a commercial kitchen that meets all of your requirements.


It would be best to keep in mind that designing commercial kitchen australia is not easy, but it is also not rocket science.


According to experts, a well-designed kitchen contributes 50% to the success of a business. Better marketing skills and customer service can account for the remaining 50% of success.


When you employ commercial kitchen design experts, you should make it clear what you anticipate from them.


The specialists will create a suitable plan for you based on your specifications.


Do you want to know the top five most important factors to consider when building a commercial kitchen? Continue reading the article.


Flexibility and space efficiency


Yes, every centimeter of available space in your kitchen should be utilized. Furthermore, it must be adaptable and modular so that the configuration can be changed as needed.


Wheeled equipment, folding platforms, and versatile workstations are a few examples. Better ideas will come from your consultant.

commercial kitchen australia

A layout that saves energy


The kitchen is the room with the highest energy use. As a result, it is even more critical to engage with commercial kitchen design professionals about making it highly energy efficient.


Make as much use of natural light and air as possible. It will help you save money on your energy expenses.


If there is adequate ventilation, you may not need to have the kitchen chimneys on all of the time. Similarly, when there is enough natural light in the kitchen, artificial lighting is unnecessary.


Utilization of technology


Make use of modern technology to make the kitchen design modular, user-friendly, and adaptable. Electronic token systems, digital display panels, and workflow-based embedded kitchen management systems should all be included in the designs.


It is a little pricey, but it is well worth the money.




The most dangerous safety hazard in a commercial central kitchen is fire. The design should be open and modular. There must be adequate fire safety arrangements.


Aside from installing a fire extinguisher, the kitchen should be constructed of fire-resistant materials.


When discussing the arrangement with commercial kitchen design specialists, make it clear that there will be no compromise on fire safety.


Waste management and hygiene


The government is relatively stringent when it comes to cleanliness and waste management standards. Ascertain that your kitchen meets all of the basic requirements for cleanliness and trash management.